Sew Necessary New Year Resolutions

Just one shelf stacked with stuff to sort out!

My new year’s resolutions for 2018 are not about dieting, drinking and exercising, but Sew Necessary New Year Solutions to sort out and clear out my sewing space. My list includes a cull of patterns, fabric, trimmings, haberdashery and machines!


Patterns – to make or not to make

  1. I’ve too many boxes like this. Have to be firm and weed them out!

    I will go thorough my stash of patterns and weed out all those that I will never make. As Brand Ambassador for the McCall’s Pattern Company, I have access to all the new designs of Butterick, McCalls, Kwik Sew and Vogue Patterns. So out go:

    A. Patterns I’ll never make because I’ve gone off the style (or it has gone out of fashion – I do have some dating back many years)

    B. Out go those I’ll never make again – because although I love the original I’ve already made, I really don’t want two of the same style.

    C. Set aside those I do want to make again and make a list of fabric requirements so I can put them on my to-do list.


UFS – cull or complete

  1. Go through my UFS (unfinished projects) and decide which I will realistically finish and those that I’ve long gone off the boil about and will never really finish. Life’s too short to make something that you’ve fallen out of love with. And if it has remained unfinished for a year or two – it’s past it’s sell by date!


Banish unread books

  1. I need to banish some of the books too. That’s going to be hard!

    Go through my library of books and weed out all those I haven’t looked at for years and probably never will. I have a lot of those. Books I have bought or been given because they are about the subject I love (sewing) but actually, I have other more recent books that I prefer and do refer to.

    My name is Wendy Gardiner and I am a magpie! I can’t bear to throw away something that might come in useful one day. But this time I will.

Blitz the bits and bobs box

  1. Most definitely need to blitz the bits boxes

    Go through my Bits and Bobs box(es) – sadly a lot more than one box. This includes all the short lengths of ribbon, cord etc that I have saved from fancy carrier bags because they may come in useful one day. I’ve bags of big glassy jewels – they were fabulous when I got them about 10 years ago (!), card making supplies – I tried that once, definitely mustn’t give up my day job – and part packs of felt flowers etc. I really need to weed these out and of course, make room for new trims…

Fabric Stash Bust

  1. Too many boxes are filled with remannts. They’ve got to go

    Again truth is I have fabric stashes – not one or two! Firstly I will go through my remnants box(es) – again more than one. I will sort out all those small pieces left over from projects – you know what I mean – those bits that you never know might come in handy! Sort out the half metre lengths from dresses I’ve made where I buy more than a pattern requires because I often buy the fabric first, so over estimate, just in case. They are big pieces, but I will not really ever use them, and someone else may do so.


I will also try and be very bold and brave and sort out all those lengths of fabric I bought many, many years ago that I’ve never made up and really never will. Being a fabric lover and hoarder, I do have a tendency to buy more new fabric at every opportunity, so have a few boxes I’ve not touched in years. So out with the old it is.


Fabrics to be saved need to be paired with patterns to make or remake like this one

And then, I will pair up the remaining pieces with patterns and put them in a Projects to Complete box.


  1. I will sell off some of my sewing machines. I do have more than I need and they take up space. (I mean, do I really need 15!). Right now in order to get to my fabric boxes, I have to move an ironing board and a dressform out of the way. To reach interfacing, I have to move two sewing machines and an overlocker! So time to sort out those I don’t use and sell them. After all I can then use the money to buy more fabric, haberdashery, patterns – or a weekend sewing retreat to get over my exhausting sewing space overhaul!


Once the clean up is done, I will take the bags of fabrics, books, haby etc to a local Hospice charity shop that specialises in Arts and Crafts so I am sure they will go to good homes. And then, to redecorate the room and add more storage and workspace so perhaps I can leave out my most used sewing machine and overlocker, all set to sew at any time. Oh bliss…

Happy New Year

Author: Wendy

I love sewing and being Brand Ambassador for The McCall Pattern Company is a dream job for me. I've sewn all my life, edited sewing magazines, written 17 sewing books and written and starred in 10 DVDs - all on sewing! My aim is to promote sewing using the fabulous pattern ranges from Vogue, Butterick, Kwik Sew and of course McCalls - to show that is a fun and relaxing hobby which can result in stunning results.

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