Top Styles to Make with Big Sleeves

Vogue Pattern 1565
This stunning dress, Vogue Pattern 1565 by Tom and Linda Platt really has Big Sleeve Detail

The High Street shops are packed with tops, dresses and jumpers with sensational and stylish sleeve detail. So, I searched through the pattern catalogues to see what I could make myself which includes this new fashion detail. Of course McCalls, Butterick and Vogue Patterns have ensured what’s available ready-made is also available to those of us that like to create our own unique fashions. I’ve noted a few of my favourites which I shall get ready to sew over the Christmas break.


Classic Jacket with a twist

Vogue Pattern 8991
The sleeve detail turns this classic jacket into a fashion piece (Vogue Pattern 8991)

A classic simple jacket has a new twist in Vogue Pattern 8991, which includes lapped and buttoned cuffs up to the elbows. I like the way this is still a classic design so will last for years, even when the Big Sleeve detail has passed! This one is worth making in a good quality LintonTweed or similar quality wool coating fabric.


Top Styles with big sleeve details

McCalls 7657
I love McCalls 7657 which includes a top with ruffled sleeve detail

More familiar in the high street are tops with long ruffled sleeves so I really like the simple top in McCalls pattern 7657 which has long sleeves ending in ruffles. If I make this one, I might leave out the choker style neckline and just keep it as a simple V-neckline which is of course the beauty of making your own clothes, you can choose to add or leave out elements that you want to change. And of course, there are other options in the pattern pack as usual. I could include ruffles down the front too!


McCalls 7658
McCalls 7658 is another twist on a top with big sleeve detail

Sew Now featured another McCall’s top, this time an overlay front extends into the sleeves (McCall 7658) which makes it different and fun.


Best Dresses

Vogue Pattern 1565
This stunning dress, Vogue Pattern 1565 by Tom and Linda Platt really has Big Sleeve Detail

If you like dresses, the wow-dress by Tom and Linda Platt is stunning with it’s cape like sleeve detail (Vogue Pattern 1565). Shown here in bright red, it can of course be made in any colour so doesn’t have to be such a show stopper if that is not your thing!





Butterick 6482
Butterick 6482 by Lisette is a dream in denim

For the more conservative, Butterick 6482 is a dream in denim with top stitch detail on the bodice and belt and then pleated and top-stitched three quarter sleeves. Just remember to use the quilter’s guide on your machine to stitch row after row of perfectly parallel lines! (That’s the little metal rod that fits into the back of the foot holder and can be moved left or right so you get parallel rows of stitching equally spaced every time. Just stitch the first row, then move the rod so it runs along that line of stitching and stitch the next row, watching the guide not the needle).

McCalsl 7654
McCalls 7654 is a pack of evening dresses with sleeve detail

For evenings and special occasions, McCall 7654 combines cold-shoulder sleeves with ruffles and more. Again there are other options in the pack


Its a Wrap

Vogue Pattern 9276
Vogue Pattern 9276 is a pack of wraps and tops to cover bare shoulders

I also love the pack of wraps with sleeve variations or simple flared sleeves with lace detail shown on Vogue Pattern 9270. Having a wrap, bolero or short jacket is a must-have when the nights are colder and bare shoulders a no-no!


So join me and get sewing the latest fashion trend this season and make your sleeves sensational!

Author: Wendy

I love sewing and being Brand Ambassador for The McCall Pattern Company is a dream job for me. I've sewn all my life, edited sewing magazines, written 17 sewing books and written and starred in 10 DVDs - all on sewing! My aim is to promote sewing using the fabulous pattern ranges from Vogue, Butterick, Kwik Sew and of course McCalls - to show that is a fun and relaxing hobby which can result in stunning results.

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